Relaxation for Body and Soul

In the early years, the brothers Kahraman got to know a doctor from Sri Lanka, who told them about the secrets of the ayurvedic healing power. This meeting has effected their attitude towards life completely and it has left only one conclusion: turning away from the one-dimensionally traditional massage and devoting themselves to fluid movements and integral treatments instead.

Soon they developed their own massage techniques which combine the Orient and the Occident. This combination of aroma oils and relaxing atmosphere causes highest well-being. In order to maintain the high quality of their treatments, they attach value to the business' own training of their team.

In the meantime, three renowned bath houses put their massage and wellness sector in the hands of Ahmet Kahraman. The secret of their success, which is as well their motto: "We do not only offer high-quality massages but also relaxation for all senses."
Kahraman, Massagen, Beauty, Hamam
Kahraman - Massage, Beauty, Hamam
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