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 Massages and physical therapy
Hamam treatments
 Beauty and cosmetic treatments

Massages and physical therapy

  Traditional Massage

This kind of massage is based on medical massage techniques. It promotes blood flow and the relaxation of your muscles (without aroma oil). Moreover, our self-developed massage techniques, "Relax to Balance" (releasing blockages and letting energy flow throughout your body) and "Strong to Balance" (stimulating and supporting the body's own regeneration process), which include the application of aroma oils, are particularly popular.

   Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Massage

The centuries-old Indian theory of a long, happy and healthy life is the foundation of a series of holistic acting massage techniques which lead to the balance of body and mind. The ayurvedic lifestyle focuses on the balance and harmony with body and nature.
Find complete and deep relaxation by experiencing an ayurvedic back or full-body massage. If you wish, you can get a personalized massage in which a particular technique and special oils are applied, adapted to your constitution (dosha).

More ayurvedic highlights:
- Foot and leg massage
- Face, neck and décolleté treatment
- Row silk glove massage
- Forhead oil affusion
- Herbal stamp massage

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   Massage Specials

Hawaii Massage

Treat your senses and find yourself with the help of our massage specials:

The Hawaiian Temple massage (Lomi-Lomi-Nui) is a cleansing and harmonizing ritual. By soft pressing, stroking and stretching, every part of your body will get its necessary attention - an unique experience for all senses.

The La Stone massage is performed by using alternately hot lava stones and cold marble. The emotional roller coaster revitalizes weak muscles and relieves your body of tension.

During the Ottoman massage the body becomes warmed up in order to release blockages by powerful and intense stretching. This self-developed massage of the Kahraman brothers stimulates your body's own healing and regeneration process.

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  Physical therapy

As a therapeutic measure, we offer several medical treatments for direct payers and customers with private health insurance.

These medical treatments include:
- Medical full-body massage
- Lymphatic drainage
- Ultrasound
- Electro therapy
- Cold and heat packs

A free consultation for prescription customers will naturally take place before any treatment.

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Kahraman Hamam

Our hamam treatments are a special experience for body and soul. Experience health and a feeling of well-being in an oriental way and let yourself be given a massage from head to toe while being wrapped in foam (traditional soap-leaching)!

Enjoy the softest temptation for skin and senses, which is given by the hot chocolate and honey massage!
Dried mud from the Middle East (Rassoul massage) and naturally micronized seaweed (seaweed massage) cleanse deeply the whole body.

All treatments include a peeling, massage and a final treatment.

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Facial and body treatments

Kahraman Beauty

Discover with our offered natural and organic cosmetics the purity of nature for your face and body. Choose either a vitalizing, cleansing or fostering treatment.
For instance:

The Basic Treatment (face)
Our experienced beauty team diagnoses your skin type and skin condition and will recommend one of the following treatments: The basic treatment consists of: skin diagnosis, cleansing, peeling, vaporization, deep cleaning, serum, mask and a final treatment.

   Premium Pampering Treatment (face and décolleté)

For an immediate improvement with prolonged effect of tired and lifeless skin. The premium pampering treatment has a rejuvenating and skin-tightening effect.

   Eye Treatment Special

For fresh and radiating moments. This treatment includes eyebrow and eyelash colouring as well as eyebrow shaping. Afterwards an eye mask is applied on the skin around the eyes. As a final treatment, an anti wrinkles serum is used.

We offer diverse packages and peelings which serve as a relief for the whole body and vitalize your skin from head to toe. According to their composition, they have a tightening, purifying or moisturizing effect.

A classic or French manicure or pedicure, as well as cosmetic hair removal (for women and men) make our beauty treatments complete.
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Our Package Offers

Kahraman Massage - LaStone

We have attractive and various package offers for you in every wellness spa of our bath houses. Just click on the given links in order to get more information or contact us by telephone. We advice you with pleasure!

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